Get To Know The Types Of Carpet cleaning services In London.

June 19, 2014

Get To Know The Types Of Carpet cleaning services In London.

All London residents should keep in touch with the available know ho that is available in regards to carpet cleaning services. This is very vital in ensuring that your carpets stay and remain in a good condition. The following is a deep overview of different carpet cleaning services available in London.

Bonnet Method

This type of service is only done in commercial buildings. It does not work in residential homes simply because it is mainly designed to restore the appearance of industrial carpets rather than providing deep cleaning. If used on home carpets, it may damage the fibers used in the making of the carpets. This method is done by applying a detergent to the carpet and then extracting the soil by using an absorbent pad.


Steam Cleaning

This method is also referred to as hot water extraction and is considered the most effective method for carpet cleaning. It involves using a machine that injects hot water and a detergent into a carpet. The mixture is then extracted by the machine leaving the carpet looking fresh and pleasing to look at.

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Benefits of

June 9, 2014

Benefits of written by: Laura

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